Prima White Daily Teeth Whitening Brushing Paste

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Prima White Teeth Whitening Daily Brushing Paste Kit Includes:

  • (1) 60ml Tube of Brushing Paste
  • (1) Teeth Whitening Shade Guide to measure your progress
  • Brighten your smile in just few applications with our low sensitivity, glycerin-free, enamel safe, carbamide peroxide formula

Prima White Brushing Paste is perfect for daily use, helping to maintain the teeth whiteness. Often, most toothpastes with the whitening benefits use harmful abrasives that irrevocably damage tooth enamel but not Prima White.  It's the perfect supplement to your everyday toothpaste.  Simple to use without the need for trays or strips. And best of all, no waiting.

Just add a few drops to your toothpaste when you brush until the desired shade is achieved.

#Let your confidence shine through!